Around Serore

Experience various activities in order to spend a fantastic holiday.
Discover old quaint hamlets, thermal centers to restore wellness, eighteenth-century villas sorrounded by extraordinary gardens: everything is located in the Lucchesia, a territory that stretches from Lucca to the Appennines, bridged by the Serchio river.

Where to Eat

We are huge fans of good food!
Below we have attached a list of the restaurants, which in our opinion, best embody the Italian cuisine.

Molin della Volpe Restaurant

4 Km

Antica Locanda di Sesto

17 Km

Osteria di Lammari

19.7 Km

San Colombano

22.8 Km

La Griglia di Varrone

23 Km

Ristorante Mecenate

23.2 Km

Cantine Bernardini 1586

23.2 Km

Trattoria Da Giulio in Pelleria

23.2 Km

Pizzeria Da Felice

23.2 Km

Pizzeria Sud

23.2 Km

L’osteria di Piazza Angelio

25.2 Km

Il Capretz

25.2 Km

Enoteca Vanni

23.2 Km

Enoteca Vino e Convivio

28.8 Km


Train Station

6.3 km

Postal Office

6.2 km

Petrol Station

6.3 km

Bar/Tobacco Shop

6.2 km

Food Shop

6.2 km


6.3 km

Gluten Free Shop

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Suggested Tourist Attractions

Tuscany is adventure, seasides, mountains, art!
Here are some of the attractions we suggest which should not be missed…


Lucca is known as the city of a hundred churches. Inside the Renaissance walls there is a prosperous heritage of religious architecture, small oratories, private chapels and private noble palaces and churches, an artistic and architectural heritage, in addition to being religious. A wonderful and relaxing way to enjoy the city is walking up on the city walls, where it is possible to do a 4 km loop, the full length of the walls which surround the city.


Barga is a beautiful medieval town, located not far from Serore. This city has been awarded the “Orange Flag” from Touring Club and has received other important touristic awards such as the “Low City” and “One of the most beautiful small towns of Italy”. It has been the land which the famous poet Giovanni Pascoli adopted as his home and whose mansion in Castelvecchio can be visited.

Vetriano's Teatrino (Small Theatre)

It is the smallest public theatre in the world. 71 square metres, 60 seat audience with 20 seats on two levels of balconies: these are the numbers of this ancient barn nestled on the mountains of Lucca. Turned into a theater towards the end of the 18th century, it is so small that it has been accredited in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Versilia, famous for its long seashores, is a marine area that satisfies both the needs of tourists looking for relaxation and those looking for cultural and night life. This area is also worth visiting during the winter for one of the most important Carnivals in Europe: The Carnival of Viareggio. Our staff highly recommends The Beach Club Moby Dick in Lido di Camaiore for a stay of relaxation and a lot of fun.


Pietrasanta is defined as the “small Athens of Versilia” and it is the ideal destination for those searching for a city of culture and art. Throughout the whole year, in the city center, there are many art exhibitions and events. Events that can satisfy the taste and interests of art lovers of all kinds.


The Leaning Tower, the symbol of Pisa, is the most famous Italian monument in the world. Together with the cathedral and the baptistery, it is part of a complex of works that the poet Gabriele D’Annanzio defined as “Miracles”. Moreover, the city offers many cultural and artistic events.



With its museums, palaces and churches, Florence hosts many of the most important artistic treasures of the world. Among the the most known works of art and worship in the city there are surely the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Baptistery, the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery. There are also the churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce, which are real art galleries, Ponte Vecchio and many other attractions.


Orrido di Botri

L’Orrido di Botri is a breathtaking limestone canyon dug over time by the Rio Palago River. In summer, due to the dryness of the river, it is possible to take a walking route along it. This natural area was already known, visited and displayed on the italian tourist maps in the first half of the 19th century for its unique geology, flora and fauna.


Grotta del Vento

La Grotta del Vento is located in Garfagnana, in an area characterized by spectacular and interesting karst phenomena. Here the atmospheric agents incessantly dig the rocks, crating majestic natural sculptures, such as the Panie massif, the enourmous natural arch of Monte Forato, or the stone-fall and the crevasses of the Vetricia plateau. There are a variety of choices among the different itineraries.

Apuan Alps

Here there is a grand network of trails that cover the territory of the Park, about a hundred trails taken care of by The Italian Alpine Club. Mountain hiking communities, such as Garfagnana Trekking, Lunigiana Trekking or The Alta Via of The Apuan Alps, have marked long and short treks. Before tackling of route, it is highly recommended to be provided with detailed charts and maps to verify the access and difficulty of the trails and the weather conditions of that day.

Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre are a jagged profile along the five miles of rugged coastline enclosed by two promontories. Stone spures, small inlets, bays, ravines and small seashores among the rocks are what characterizes this unique landscape with a crystal clear sea.

Eremo di Calomini

It is a marine sanctuary excavated in the mountain, a location of special beauty and allure, surrounded by a side of rocks that seems to be protecting this special place. An extraordinary location, suggested for those searching for tranquillity and relaxation combined with the coolness of Garfagnana.

Terme di Bagni di Pisa

A newly renovated resort characterized by particular architectural details such as the 18th century vaults with frescoes of pastel tints, marble floors, granite-flaked and Tuscan Terracotta tiles, the suggestive bathing rooms made from Carrara marble will enchant you with their beauty. Among its luxurious halls and the loggia of the Kaffehaus on the hill, the natural- thermal cave and the wellness center with the new area of Bagni Levante, all of this will add to the experience and magic of Bagni di Pisa and its well-being.

Fortezza delle Verrucole

Located on a mountain ridge,the medieval fortress, that was build during the ages of feudalism, in Garfagnana,which had as representatives the Gherardinghi counts, is surely one of the most famous monuments of the area. It was originally a residence of a noble family, but was then turned into a building of the Roman Curia and later into a military headquarter. Definitely a location full of history with a breath-taking view!

Spiaggia della Lecciona

The path that crosses the Lecciona nature reserve is of particular environmental and naturalistic value because it allows you to cross all the natural environments that are part of the Park from the woods to the free beach of Lecciona, certainly the most beautiful beach in the natural state found in the Park.

Lucca Comics & Games

Lucca Comics and Games is the main eutopean festival concerning comics, games , cinema and video games. The festival is held in Lucca, the first weekend of the month of November. With almost 500000 overall visitors, more than 40.000 squared meter of exhibiting space, 20 exhibitions , more than 500 events with authors, publishers and concerts,it is a must for fans of all worlds of possible!


Murabilia, a quality gardening market exhibition, is of the most important italian events dedicated to flowers, plants and gardening. It is held in Lucca every year during the first weekend of semptember on the stunning scenario of the Lucca’s city walls on the San Regolo baluard, the Liberty Baluard, in the botanic garden and the underground cellars of the city walls.

Halloween Celebration

The first, the biggest Halloween celebration in Italy. Every year, in the night between the 31st of October and the 1st of november the noblewoman Lucida Mansi comes back from the underworld with Lucifer to whom she offered her soul in the mists of time. Lucida will go back over her life until she plunges back into the underworld again. The show will culminate with fireworks in thebackground of the Devil’s bridge, symbol of the town of Borgo a Mozzano.

Summer Festival

Every year in July, Napoleon’s square,the largest open space within the walls of Lucca, becomes one of the most important festivals regarding music in the italian scenario. Over the years world wide famous stars such as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Elthon John, Robbie William and many, many others have taken turns on the impressive main stage.
Find out who the guests of the next edition!

Festival Pucciniano

The Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago is one of the most awaited events regarding the cultural life in Tuscany and the most important lyrical festival in Italy and the only one in the world dedicated entirely to the composer Giacomo Puccini. It is held every Summer in the months of july and august, exaclty in the place that inspired the Great Puccini to compose his memorable works and melodies.

Suspended Bridge

The suspended bridge is a pedestrial walkway measuring 227 meters in length and 36 meters in maximum hight and it connects two different slopes of the Lima stream between Mammiano Basso and Popiglio in the district of Marcello Piteglio. It was opened in 1923 and it was used by the workers who had to go to work in the factories located on the opposite slope. During the years it has been completely renovated and today it is an amazing destination!

The flight of angel

It is a suggestive jump into a void, a 1500 meters long chilling flight. You will have the possibility to cross the Vagli lake and to fly above the old town of Vagli on an avarage hight of 350 meters and with an avarage speed of 150 km per hour. All hooked to a steel cable with specific flight-equippment.

Quad escursions

Guided excurcisions to discover the dynamism of the quad throughout the forest, trails, rivers and beautiful natural paths in the tuscan landscape. The guests will always be accompanied by experts guides and will discover the beauty of nature and of this extraordinary teritory with vehicles that are easy to drive, powerful and above all fun!

Our West

This equestrian club is located in Mutigliano, in the discrict of Lucca and it is sorrounded by greenery, in a very quiet area with kilometers af countryside trails that are perfect for horse rides. This club offers horse of good character, suitable also for those who are approch horses for the first time.

Canyon Park

It is the first aerial route through the green and inaccessible canyons suspended an emerald green river. The Cocciglia gorges represent a treasure accessable to everyone, with cableways and suspended bridges that cross the Lima river in its most beautiful but least accessible part. An adventurous journey back in time!

Levigliese Park

The Levigliese Adventure Park is located in the heart of the Garfagnana, in the municipality of Fabbriche di Vergemoli (Province of Lucca – Tuscany); thanks to the professionalism and friendliness of our guides, the park is the ideal place to experience a variety of adrenaline and outdoor adventures for the whole family.
Surrounded by the splendid setting of the Apuan Alps, the Levigliese Adventure Park extends along a stretch of the Levigliese stream, in front of Lake Trombacco, a place of relaxation and meditation for anyone who wants to get lost in the noises of Nature.

Battiferro Park

Created thanks to the recovery of a territory abandoned by mankind,it aims to communicate the value of wellness together with cutural and sport activities in a territory that is unconaminated and of great natural prestige, without ever distracting from the quality of the proposal that does not separate the world of children from that of adults.

Selva del Buffardello

Within the Adventure Park of the Buffardello there are at the moment 10 different trails: three for children and seven for teenagers and adults. All adventurers are given helmets and lashing and after some initial training tests( for safety reasons!) it is possible to start the adventure!

Cycling Tour

The Serchio valley, the Garfagnana and the district of Lucca offer to cycling enthusiasts many different possibilities practice sports while visiting breath-taking locations and beautiful cities.

Golf Club Montecatini

Golf Montecatini Terme presents to players as an emotional course; the 18-holes course par 72 runs gently over the Tuscan Hills providing glimpses and vistas that go far beyond pure sports beauty: the olive trees, cypresses, broom and many flowers that are on the paht will do anything to distract the player from the main purpose of his visit, and that is the simple fat to sending the ball in to the hole!

Quarries Touristic

A guided tour in the immense rooms of the Carrara Quarries where the guide will provide you with informations about the origin of the caves, the machines and their use, the tecniques of excractions and of course information about the marble and its use. It will also possible to admire the Mural of Ozmo, that recreates the Genesis of Michelangelo. The guides will also be available to answer to any further question and curiosity!